VDD Real Estate Group Website


Van Dahlen Dunne Real Estate Group is a local premier real estate company that wanted to update the look and feel of their current website. They strive on professionalism, authenticity, and honesty and wanted it shown through their brand and site. The main goals of the website was to help bring in new clients and build credibility for the company.


Design a new website for Van Dahlen Dunne Real Estate Group that truly shows they are the top real estate agents in the area by providing a fresh new design and improving the functionality of the site.


UI/UX Designer

I worked closely with another designer who worked on the rebranding and provided a new logo for the company as well.

Previous Site:

Their old site was outdated, difficult to navigate, and gave off an uninviting tone through the dark colors used in the site.

Research methods:

To fully understand the needs of their users, I not only communicated with the client but also researched other local real estate company websites to get a better understanding of their competitors. From there, I was also able to find common elements these sites shared and determine which ones were effective or not.


From sketches to high fidelity wireframes, I mapped out the structure of the website in order to tell the best story to the user.

Icon designs for a custom look and feel:

I created custom icons to be used for their site that provided a unique look and feel, just like how they believe their clients are all unique and special.

A new homepage:

The homepage of the website is the first step to encourage users to gain confidence in choosing Van Dahlen Dunne as their real estate company. The site also provides resources for current users looking for a new home, with information about the area and a showcase of property listings.