Orbi In App Messages


As a marketing campaign for Orbi and Circle with Disney App, I designed these In-App messages to encourage users to try out the Circle App for free when viewing these messages on the Orbi App, an app with over 100,000 downloads.


Create In-App Messages for the Orbi App to promote Circle with Disney and encourage users to download the app.


UI/UX Designer

Designing for a distracted and impatient user:

In today’s busy world users spend very little time looking at the ads on their phones, at most they will do a quick glance. Working with these constraints, I collaborated with my producer and the client to creating the shortest amount of content as possible. I arranged the text to be grouped together to minimize the number of areas the user would have to read. I made sure the designs were visually engaging so even if users do not read everything, they can see the imagery and understand that Circle is a useful product for kids and their technology use.


These designs were originally shown to the client as various options. Orbi did their own user testing on these ads and these ads performed far better than their previous ads. They ended up using all the options provided in the Orbi app.