7 Minute Workout App Redesign


When I started using the 7 Minute Workout App, I loved the idea of being able to have an app help guide me through quick and easy workouts that I could easily fit into my schedule. However, I came across a lot of challenges when using the app and decided to come up with my own solutions for these problems.


Create solutions to improve the app’s flow and user experience, while also making it more visually appealing.


Product Designer

Current Problems:

The overall design and user flow of the app causes a lot of unnecessary challenges for users.


A side by side comparison of the previous and new sitemap to show the number of screens lessened through the redesign.

One of my biggest goals was to improve the usability of the app and that started with the sitemap. I simplified the design to reduce the number of screens a user would have to go through to reach their goal of doing a workout.


I created wireframes to reorganize the content for a better user flow.

Improving the User’s First Experience

I updated the home screen to display all the workouts offered at once, so users can see all the workouts and easily access the options available.

Increasing TICKER X engagement

The TICKER X is a heart rate monitor by Wahoo that can be used with the app. The only mention of this product was in a popup screen that was also used to confirm the start of the workout. Users do not have time to learn about the product because the popup is in their way when they are about to begin their session.

I moved the TICKER X ad to the home screen so users can learn more when they are not in a rush to start their workout. This will encourage more users to not only get the TICKER X but also use it with their workouts in the app.

Making a better experience for both new and returning users

The previous design made it difficult for new users, especially those who were new to working out.

The new detail sections of each workout list each move on the same screen so new users know what each workout entails before they begin without disrupting the flow for more experienced users.

When an exercise is selected, a video drops down explaining the exercise. This is information previously provided but now reorganized for easier access. These videos are important to users new to working out because they may not be familiar with certain exercises.

Helping users maximize their workout

When the workout session begins, the instructional video will play during the workout session so users who may still not understand how to do a move can catch up without having to waste time during the session to look it up.

With only 7 minutes to work out, these changes are very important in order to minimize the amount of time wasted during the workout sessions.